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August 08

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Picture yourself in a stretch of land nestled between two major Houston thoroughfares that is separated by Buffalo Bayou. Doesn’t exactly sound like a go-to destination, does it? This is, however, precisely the location of Eleanor Tinsley Park, a well-know and easily accessed park boasting hike and bike trails, acres of open lawn, a boat […]

June 12

Memorial Park

Houston is known as a hot and humid slab of concrete and pavement. However, there are places in the city that offer a relief from the heaviness of city life. Located just inside the 610 West Loop near the Galleria area, Memorial Park is a 1,466 acre piece of land that offers Houstonians many outdoor […]

June 07

Houston Arboretum

Let’s just say we are huge fans of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center. It’s literally a little oasis in the middle of the city. Originally home to a World War I army-training base, the land has since been established as a 155-acre arboretum and botanical garden with over five miles of nature trails. We […]