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July 15

Wichita St. Mystery Mansion

East of Highway 288 and south of Downtown is a neighborhood full of old mansions. Riverside Terrace, formerly a Jewish version of the historic 3rd Ward district, is now made up of predominantly African-American residents. Many of the houses in the neighborhood are mysteriously interesting and look as if they are holdovers from another time. […]

August 05

River Oaks Theatre

The River Oaks Theatre is a staple of the Houston community. Originally built in 1939, the Art Deco movie theater is nestled in the middle of the River Oaks Shopping Center. In 1976 Landmark Theatres took over operations and has maintained the venue ever since. The theater serves a niche market by being one of […]

August 05

Glenwood Cemetery

Today we took a trip to the Glenwood Cemetery, which is hidden away on Washington Avenue. Now, we know what you’re thinking. Who on earth would want to hang out in a cemetery? We asked ourselves the same question, because none of us had ever been there. However, a few of our history-loving friends talked […]

July 26

Museum of Printing History

Our latest excursion was certainly down the road less travelled for most Houstonians. Deep into Montrose lies a nondescript building dedicated entirely to the evolution of print. The Museum of Printing History is rarely mentioned on the traditional must-see museum lists of Houston, but it offers a truly interesting and comprehensive guide to how the […]

July 25

Art Car Museum

Houston is a vibrant and lively city that is filled with up-and-coming writers, artists, musicians, executives, politicians, and so on. It is eclectic and at times a bit eccentric as well. Mind you, we aren’t nearly to the point of being “Austin weird,” but we definitely have our own set of charming quirks. One such […]

July 22

1940 Air Terminal Museum

Many Houstonians have never seen or heard of the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. But anyone who has been to Hobby Airport has practically been within arm’s reach of it. Originally known as the Houston Municipal Airport, the single terminal was the city’s first commercial airport. Houston’s population quickly expanded and outgrew the building in 1954, […]

July 18

The Orange Show

The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art (OSCVA) is a non-profit organization in Houston whose mission is to preserve artistic environments and nourish artistic expressions – no matter how crazy, wacky or out-of-the-box it might be. And it all started with a man, a vision and a passion for nature’s most perfect fruit – the […]