Double Trouble Caffeine & Cocktails

Double-Trouble-1If you’re looking for a double shot of trouble, look no further than Double Trouble Caffeine and Cocktails. Located on Main Street in Midtown, this unique café + bar combo functions as a coffee house by day and a bar by night. Before you even get through the door, mellowed out vibes waft through the entrance and onto the patio where a few patrons are sure to be found nursing their morning cup of Joe in oversized chairs.

Although their coffee is a draw for many morning customers, the well-stocked liquor shelves behind the bar promise a good time for the cocktail half of Double Trouble’s namesake. The laid back atmosphere of the patio seamlessly transitions to the inside seating area thanks to wood and bamboo furnishings that, paired with edgy décor, give the bar a trendy, yet warm personality. The laid-back mood is further reinforced by allowing customers to order cocktails through the patio window.

Double Trouble describes itself as a “one stop shop for speeding up or slowing down,” and often acts as the go-to for Houstonians both picking up and winding down their days. For example, Double Trouble often eagerly receives Continental Club-goers from across the street who aren’t quite ready to end their evening. Whether you go for the latte or the liquor, Double Trouble knows how to make the best of both worlds in fine fashion. For Houstonians, this is a double win.Double-Trouble-2 Double-Trouble-3 Double-Trouble-4 Double-Trouble-5 Double-Trouble-6 Double-Trouble-7 Double-Trouble-8 Double-Trouble-9 Double-Trouble-10

Insider’s Guide

• Spend a morning catching up with work on the patio with free WiFi!
• School your friends by knowing the best of Houston hangs by ending an evening here or jetting into another area of the city on the MetroRail across the street.

3622 Main St. Ste D Houston, TX 7706

Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.
Saturday – Sunday, 8:30 a.m. to 2 a.m.

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Family Friendly