The Black Hole Coffee House

Front_Door_SignBlack Hole Coffee House is just one of many coffee houses in Houston. However, this little shop, tucked away in a neighborhood in the Montrose area, is anything but a run-of-the-mill coffee joint. Black Hole separates itself from its coffee-slinging competitors by providing its customers with not only an exceptional cup of coffee, but also a unique, trendy, and quite honestly, a very Houstonian atmosphere.

From the mini library out front (fashioned out of a repurposed phone booth) to the Pop Art-inspired Lindsay Lohan trio of prints adorning its back wall, the Black Hole Coffee House exudes an air of eclecticism, individuality and, most importantly, warmth.

Although the location, formerly a convenience store, is artsy, the atmosphere it fosters is anything but

elitist – patrons can range anywhere from college students, to professionals, to artists making the shop a prime location for chatting up locals, or just soaking up the ambience on your own.

Overall, Black Hole Coffee House is an excellent example of what makes Houston such a unique and amazing city to live in. It is a meeting place for people of many different backgrounds, and it is a reminder that there are always interesting places to find in Houston if you’re not afraid to venture off the well-worn path.

So if you’re craving great coffee and engaging conversation, don’t be afraid to let yourself be drawn into the Black Hole.



Inside-1Insider’s Guide

• There is not an official Black Hole sign visible on the street! It used to be a grocery store so look for the Quick Food Store #28 sign or the Graustark Laundry sign (it reads “Time to Get Clean”)
• Try the Cubano! It is an espresso drink made with raw sugar added during the brewing process. You won’t find this beverage in most coffee shops!

4504 Graustark St., Houston, TX 77006

Monday – Sunday  6:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

• Free Street Metered Parking
• Connected Lot – There is a very small parking lot in front of Black Hole, but there’s plenty of free street parking nearby.

Family Friendly