Catalina Coffee

Catalina-Coffee-1Catalina Coffee looks like any other building on the popular Washington Avenue. The area is like a river of unique entertainment and night life with a few of Houston’s gems hidden in its waters.

When you step through Catalina’s door (most likely the back door), it’s surprisingly not the smell of a coffee house that hits you first. Instead, it’s the vibe of the place; the feeling that you’ve stumbled into something quite special. Immediately, you will notice the beauty in the mix of the place. The brick walls, the wooden tables and the metal pipes around the room. All of which blend and give the place a unique feeling. The walls are adorned with pictures taken by a barista, Marc Brubaker. Looking for culture on your lunch break or during your daily outing? You wouldn’t think you’d find a coffee shop in a night life district … Or, would you?

Everything about Catalina – the atmosphere, the people, the baristas, the coffee, and the pastries – gives off a feeling of calm acceptance. The chill vibe to the place is unique. While there, you may think, “this place is way too cool for me.” But don’t let this scare you away, we advise you to stay and enjoy a nice iced coffee and pain au chocolat (fancy way of saying chocolate-filled bread), and let the mood of the place lubricate the conversation. Yes, we just said lubricate.

If you are looking for a serene coffee haven to relax your brain and soak up the modern culture, Catalina Coffee is your cup of tea, or shall we say coffee.Catalina-Coffee-2 Catalina-Coffee-3 Catalina-Coffee-4 Catalina-Coffee-5 Catalina-Coffee-6 Catalina-Coffee-7

Insider’s Guide

• We recommend ordering anything with foam. The baristas will create a masterpiece right in your cup! We hear the cappuccino is real crowd pleaser.
• The art on the walls changes every month. Ask a barista where it came from to kick up some conversation. They are very friendly!

2201 Washington Ave. Houston, Tx 77007

Monday – Friday 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Saturday – Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

• Free, parking lot in the back!
• Connected Lot

Family Friendly
Yes, however it’s mostly an adult scene at this hip place.