Market Square

market-square-1In the center of Downtown’s Historic District, Market Square is a small plaza placed in a spot where one would think a building should stand. Since its grand re-opening in 2010, it has acted as a cure-all for anyone in need of a quiet taste of culture. In the Square you will find a charming location for lunch dates at Niko Niko’s, two dog runs for big and small pups and many other year-round events.

Fun fact: The Company actually put together a fundraising event for the Houston SPCA there in 2011 when we were still called FKM.

We visited Market Square to catch a showing of National Lampoon’s Vacation.  The Alamo Draft House Roadshow, sponsored by Houston’s B-Cycle, has been providing old-school entertainment all summer. They even took it a step further by adding in a movie replica of the old-school station wagon used in the movie. For its rotating circuit, The Roadshow always features cult classics, which add to the feeling of nostalgia that the Historic District setting evokes.

Our night didn’t end when the credits rolled! The square itself is surrounded by a bevy of bars and restaurants that are said to be reviving Downtown’s Historic District. We decided to check out one in particular, La Carafe. We heard a rumor that it was haunted, and as soon as we entered the door we completely understood why. Superstitions aside, we recognized that this is Houston’s oldest bar and commercial building, open since 1860, and there was nothing to fear.  Containing an old-timey cash register, antique Juke Box and beautiful melted candles, this is a bar that holds up its reputation as a relic of the past living in the present.

Just steps away from Houston’s suit-and-tie business scene and the well-known theater district, Market Square is a little patch of history tucked away in the market-square-3 market-square-4 market-square-5 market-square-6

Insider’s Guide

• Bring towels and chairs for a picnic.
• You are welcome to bring non-alcoholic drinks, and Niko Niko’s sells beer and wine!

301 Milam Houston, TX 77002

Niko Niko’s Hours
7a.m. to 8 p.m.

Metered Parking on Mon – Sat, free after 6 p.m., Free on Sunday!

Family Friendly