Cactus Music

cactus-music-1Musicians and music lovers, rejoice! There is still hope for humanity, and that hope is spelled C-A-C-T-U-S. Today it seems like everything is getting digitized, and there is no room left on Main Street for mom and pop shops.

As a result, we love to find those special places that stand the test of time and that still believe in quality products sold by quality staff. One such place is Cactus Music.

Although it has moved from its original location, Cactus Music continues to be a Houston source for CDs, vinyl, movies and the like. Ask most Houstonians, and they can tell you all about the place. Even some of our “old-timers” of the group could nostalgically recall spending Saturdays sifting through the latest records with friends.

Forty years later, not much has changed. Once there, we immediately branched out to all the different sections of the store, from the pop culture and music books to the classic vinyl and latest Blu-ray’s. No matter what you want, you can find it at Cactus Music, aided by the super friendly staff. You can buy brand new CDs and records, or if you’re on a budget, there is a massive selection of “pre-loved” music.

Our haul this trip included CDs from Broadway shows from the 1930s to a new album by Churchill. Like we said, whatever you want, you can find it at Cactus Music: Houston’s First Independent Music Store.

This store is particularly special for us because it’s a reminder of past, yet something we can all still enjoy in the present. When you stand in the store, you are surrounded by music of all types and from all times. It’s a place where people of all ages and tastes come to share a love for music. And in the end, it’s a perfect reflection of Houston culture. A city where no matter who you are, you’re welcome to come enjoy its culture.cactus-music-2 cactus-music-3 cactus-music-4 cactus-music-5 cactus-music-6

Insider’s Guide

• There is often live music in the store on the weekends!
• Cactus Music frequently promotes concert ticket giveaways, so check in frequently for your chance to win.

 2110 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098

Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday, 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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Family Friendly