The President Heads

president-1Which came first: Mount Rushmore or Houston’s President Heads? The answer, of course, is Mount Rushmore. But that doesn’t detract from the quirkiness and flair of Houston’s version.

After visiting the South Dakota hotspot, David Adickes was inspired to create presidential statues that would be larger than life yet small enough for people to view up close. And that is just what he did. With the upcoming holiday, we decided to take a trip to see the Adickes’ labors of love.

While Adickes is best-known for his five commander-and-chief craniums residing at intersection of I-10 and I-45, he has a whole slew of them in the back of his studio off I-10. And that’s not all he has there.
Adickes studio may be one of Houston’s best-kept secrets. It is an adventure within itself. We were surprised to find giant sculptures of the Beatles in the mix of presidents. We were impressed and taken aback by the intricate elements in each piece of work – every tiny detail, down to the folds in the fabric of the Presidents’ ties. Wandering around the studio, and peering inside the works in progress, is highly encouraged.

Not all of us can display our patriotism with giant tributes to our country’s history like Adickes. But, we can all appreciate it. The work and vision of Adickes gives us a sense of respect for diligence and ingenuity, and the subject matter itself provides the City with a constant reminder of how great our country is – even beyond our city limits.president-2 president-3 president-4 president-5 president-6 president-7 president-8 president-9

Insider’s Guide

• If you have to choose between going the studio and the roadside busts, we recommend the studio.
• Go during the day to get a good view of the works.
**There is no official address for the busts along I-10. We recommend parking at 1000 Bingham Street (at Elder Street) Houston, TX 77007 and walking over.

2500 Summer St., Houston, TX 77007


Connected Lots at the studio

Family Friendly