Monthly Archives: July 2013

July 30

Beer Can House

We have discussed a wide variety of artists throughout our numerous excursions, and today, we chose to check out the single masterpiece of John Milkovisch, a man who never considered himself an artist. In fact, during the 18 years that Milkovisch worked on his creation, he always seemed amazed by the number of people who […]

July 26

Museum of Printing History

Our latest excursion was certainly down the road less travelled for most Houstonians. Deep into Montrose lies a nondescript building dedicated entirely to the evolution of print. The Museum of Printing History is rarely mentioned on the traditional must-see museum lists of Houston, but it offers a truly interesting and comprehensive guide to how the […]

July 25

Art Car Museum

Houston is a vibrant and lively city that is filled with up-and-coming writers, artists, musicians, executives, politicians, and so on. It is eclectic and at times a bit eccentric as well. Mind you, we aren’t nearly to the point of being “Austin weird,” but we definitely have our own set of charming quirks. One such […]

July 24

Downtown Tunnel System

Houston is the fourth-largest city in the United States and getting close to overtaking Chicago as the third. So, how does Downtown Houston distinguish itself from the streets of other major players, such as the Windy City and the Big Apple? The answer is simple – tunnels. Just 20 feet below the heart of the […]

July 22

1940 Air Terminal Museum

Many Houstonians have never seen or heard of the 1940 Air Terminal Museum. But anyone who has been to Hobby Airport has practically been within arm’s reach of it. Originally known as the Houston Municipal Airport, the single terminal was the city’s first commercial airport. Houston’s population quickly expanded and outgrew the building in 1954, […]

July 22

The Breakfast Klub

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Houstonians love great food and so do we, which is why we feature so many different restaurants on this blog. However, the Breakfast Klub is known for more than just great food. It’s also a cultural hub and a center for Black politics within the city of […]

July 19

Petite Sweets

Opening its doors in 2011, Petite Sweets is still relatively new to Houston. From gelato and espresso to cake balls and mini cupcakes, Petite Sweets serves up heavenly treats that will keep you coming back for more. One of the highlights of the store is the bountiful assortment of French macaroons, which have become amazingly […]