Live Oak Tunnels

live-oak-1One word to describe Houston’s live oak tunnels is magical. Hundred-year-old trees intertwine, branch by branch, to form a twisted tunnel over the road.

These tunnels have been deemed one of Houston’s most popular photo hot spots. And rightfully so. The streets are lined with storybook homes and the natural tunnels are so dense they make XM radio cut out!

The oaks are a true demonstration of nature’s beauty. It’s a secret getaway from the paperwork at the office or the madness of a home with little ones. So, when you need a moment of stillness from this concrete jungle we call Houston, take a stroll through the live oak

Insider’s Guide

• If you get hungry, Rice Village is adjacent to the neighborhood with the tunnels. There are tons of shops and restaurants to choose from.
• Bring a journal. This place is full of inspiration!
• Remember your camera (or camera phone). You’re going to want to snap a few pics!

West, North and South Boulevard have the best and most dense oaks.


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