Houston B-Cycle Station

b-cycle-1Houston’s bike share program, B-Cycle, hopes to put people back on the bike. Besides the obvious environmental benefits, it’s actually a great way to see the city and enjoy the sunny (and mostly steamy) Houston weather.

You’ll need to become a member of the program by going online or visiting a kiosk. There are three types of membership available – 24 hour pass for $5, 7- day pass for $15 or an annual membership for $65. The first hour is free, and any time over that you’ll be charged $2 per half hour. To keep from being charged simply check into one of the bike stations.

When you first pull one out of the B-Cycle station, you may notice they are a bit heavier than most bikes, but you’ll soon adjust. They feature a lovely basket for purses or other bags you may have, and the seats are adjustable for your comfort.

With all that pedaling you may be a little parched – no problem. All of the B-Cycle stations are within easy riding distance of some good bars and restaurants where you can sit and recover. B-Cycle gives you the option to rent from and return at any B-Cycle location.b-cycle-2 b-cycle-3 b-cycle-4

Insider’s Guide

• If you want a helmet you’re going to have to bring your own.
• The bikes can actually track your distance and calories! Just set up a personal page on the B-Cycle website.
• Make sure there is a bike at the station by checking out the website : https://houston.bcycle.com/home.aspx
• The FAQ is a little difficult to find on the Houston B-Cycle website, so here is a link to it: http://houston.bcycle.com/about/bknowledgefaqs.aspx

4100 Montrose Houston, Texas 77006
There are numerous stations to rent from around Houston. Check out B-Cycles’ website to find the one you’re looking for: http://houston.bcycle.com/home.aspx

The bike racks are open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. but you can return your bikes whenever you need to.

Free, who needs parking when you’re on a bike?!

Family Friendly
Yes, but all B-Cycle bikes are adult size.